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Improved patient experience powered by technology aimed at patients’ physical and psychological well-being.

Increased Patient Engagement

Promote self-care at home; encourage patients and caregivers to take part actively, and contribute to improving health outcomes.

Personalized Patient Care

Bridging the gap in the continuity of care, a patient-centric approach aims to deliver the highest quality of care to the diverse patient population.

Care Management Services - 360 HealthTek

Care Management services

A Promising Healthcare Model for Better Patient Care.

The current healthcare model of the US emphasizes on a three-pronged approach. The remote care management services model focuses on delivering high-quality patient care and improving the overall patient experience without burdening the existing healthcare system.

The healthcare management system enables healthcare organizations to manage, coordinate, and oversee patients efficiently and helps streamline the continuity of patient care. The model is vital in reducing costs and alleviating the delivery of higher-quality care. Coordinated care management encourages patients and their caregivers to engage with care teams proactively and become a part of the well-being plan.

Effective care management services have proven to be a leading care delivery model for healthcare organizations. It helps providers to identify and prioritize patients with comorbidities and shift focus towards preventative care management to minimize the episodes of frequent hospital and ER visits.


A Future of Preventative Care

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is shifting its focus towards outcome-driven preventative care management leveraged by technology. Through active communications, Health Information Technology (HIT) helps healthcare organizations bridge the gaps between patients and health facilities.

Dedicated care teams are involved in actively engaging with patients between office visits. Several care management programs allow patients’ symptom tracking required by providers to make informed decisions.

Real-time health monitoring helps providers manage patients’ health without being under the direct supervision of clinical staff. The in-home care management empowers outcomes-driven patient care, and providers can proactively intervene if required.

Telehealth Services - 360 HealthTek
Align patient-centric care management to improve your high-risk patients’ health outcomes and better control over modifiable risk factors.

360HealthTek has the Answer to
All Your Care Management Needs

Our health system is under a formidable burden of managing complications resulting from unmanaged chronic conditions. The post-pandemic healthcare landscape demands a more targeted approach for a high-risk patient population with comorbidities to help them have better access to care.

Care management is a team-based care coordination model that manages patients with chronic conditions. It focuses on identifying patients with modifiable risk factors and tracking their physical and behavioral activities to adjust treatment to minimize the episodes of overnight hospital stays.

The positive impact of HIT and technology innovations has played a pivotal role in bringing overall efficiency to healthcare systems by reducing costs without compromising the quality of care.
We bring over a decade of experience working with healthcare organizations. Our care management platforms streamline the care delivery process. Numerous healthcare organizations have used our platforms to incorporate preventative care management programs successfully into their facilities to cater to the increasing volume of chronic patients.

360HealthTek Has The Answer To All Your Care Management Needs

How We Help!

care empowered

Care Empowered

360 HealthTek brings proactive, personalized patient care solutions for providers and helps them cater to each patient individually. We use innovative technology that equips the healthcare system to monitor, track, and engage with patients with chronic conditions.


Our platforms allow the care team to document every patient engagement. Providers and care teams can refer to these systematic documents to stay informed about ongoing changes in vital health symptoms and adjust treatment accordingly.

collaborative effort

Collaborative Efforts for Remarkable Patient Results

Promote self-care at home; encourage patients and caregivers to take part actively, and contribute to improving health outcomes.

Turnkey Care Management Services - 360 HealthTek

Turnkey Care
Management Services:

We offer providers various health care solutions that help them monitor and manage their patients remotely. Our solutions provide real-time reporting of patient health status and allow health care professionals to make early interventions remotely before a disease gets worse. To empower care teams to provide effective patient care services, we offer the following solutions:

Why choose us

We bring effective health care solutions for health care and private payers to ensure their patients’ healthy lifestyles.

At 360 HealthTek, we take care of all your care management needs. Our team has extensive experience in the industry, and our program ensures health care providers offer care services tailored to meet their patients' individual requirements. Our experts are dedicated to lending care teams a helping hand to provide their patients with optimum care.

We have the knowledge and skills to assist providers in coordinating and managing overall patient care. We empower health care organizations to provide patients with timely and accurate information, coordinated care, and effective communication. Our professionals ensure you deliver extensive care to your patients to bring out optimum results

360 HealthTek is committed to providing care organizations with a top-notch care management program at economical rates. We offer providers effective consultations seven days a week to help them deliver solutions that work best for their patients.

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What our Clients Say

Michael Vasko
Michael Vasko Director of Operations Remote Patient Devices LLC

Opting for 360HealthTek has been one of the best decisions I have made recently. It has received an incredibly positive response from our patients and improved efficiency among our staff. The HealthTek staff has also proven to be very responsive and helpful every step of the way. 360HealthTek has enabled us to provide better preventative care to our patients from the comfort of their own homes.

female testimonial
Lindsey T. Adger CEO

I'm pretty happy with 360 HealthTek's care management services I've been using. They've been a great help for us in taking care of our elderly patients. They help us monitor patients' health conditions remotely and ensure they get the necessary care. I would recommend them to everyone.

Ignacio M. Daugherty CEO

I've been using the management services of 360 HealthTek for a few years now, and I have to say that they're amazing. They have made it possible for us to monitor the health conditions of our elderly patients remotely. We don't have to worry about anything anymore. I highly recommend their services to all health care organizations.

female testimonial
Veda D. Lewis CEO

I'm impressed with 360 HealthTek's services our organization has been receiving. The services are affordable, allowing us to monitor our patients' health conditions remotely. I'd love to recommend their service to every health care organization and private payer.


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