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What Conditions Qualify For Chronic Care Management

Reading Time: 4 minutes Chronic Health Management (CHM) aids individuals dealing with multiple chronic health conditions. Navigating medications, appointments, follow-ups, and routine health tests can pose challenges and frustrations. CHM offers a flexible strategy for maintaining well-being. Your team will collaborate closely with you to craft a personalized care plan tailored to your needs. Chronic health management (CHM) services […]

What are the Important Differences Between Telehealth and In-person Care?

Reading Time: 5 minutes In regard to your well-being, it’s natural to seek the finest care. Amidst a multitude of decisions, it can be complex to determine whether you’re receiving the most suitable healthcare for your situation. This aspiration for top-notch healthcare can be encapsulated in one contemporary query: when it comes to telehealth versus in-person care, which one […]

Why Medicare Does Not Pay for Annual Physical Exams

Reading Time: 6 minutes Picture this, you’ve got your yearly physical exam all scheduled and ready to go, and you’re feeling pretty confident that Medicare’s got your back. But after you finish the checkup, a bill arrives, and you discover something alarming: Medicare won’t cover your annual physical exam!  It comes as a big surprise – the one that […]

CMS Introduces Latest Principal Illness Navigation Service

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the 2024 proposed rule for physician fee schedule, the CMS is suggesting the introduction and reimbursement of a fresh service known as “principal illness navigation” (PIN). According to CMS, PIN aims to aid Medicare beneficiaries diagnosed with high-risk conditions such as mental health issues, cancer, and substance use disorder by assisting them in finding […]

Remote Patient Monitoring Weight Scale

Reading Time: 4 minutes Approximately 42 percent of the adult populace in the United States grapples with obesity. Over the past two decades, the situation has swiftly deteriorated, with obesity rates reaching 31 percent. If not addressed or managed, obesity has the potential to lead to severe health complications like heart failure or diabetes. The primary factor contributing to […]

A Comprehensive Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist for Providers

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Medicare annual wellness visit (AWV), sometimes referred to as a Medicare annual wellness exam or annual physical exam, is an important part of keeping patients healthy. Unfortunately, the requirements concerning completing and documenting AWV appointments can be complex, so it is common for providers to miss steps or fail to complete a requirement inadvertently. […]

Essential Documentation for Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

Reading Time: 6 minutes The documentation prerequisites for the yearly Medicare wellness visit (AWV) serve numerous aims. Above all, documenting plays a vital role in amplifying the worth of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit for patients.  As pointed out by AARP, the Annual Wellness Exam is purposely devised to encourage the adoption of preventative care, recognize health hazards, and […]

What is Telehealth & How it Works

Reading Time: 6 minutes Necessity generates either novelty or adjusts to a beneficial new situation. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, several business sectors and educational institutions transitioned to virtual environments. Nonetheless, no one anticipated that this provisional shift would persist for a prolonged duration, even if it has become redundant. The healthcare industry witnessed a similar metamorphosis, encompassing healthcare […]

Telehealth CPT Codes for 2023: Comprehensive List

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of patients have embraced the utilization of telehealth as a means to obtain medical care, access behavioral health services, and effectively manage chronic conditions. As a result, healthcare providers have encountered an unprecedented surge in demand for telehealth appointments, experiencing a substantial upswing in patient […]

What Are the Annual Wellness Visit Codes & How to Use Them

Reading Time: 6 minutes Many hospitals seek methods to reduce expenses and enhance efficiency, with automation emerging as a popular solution. Automation holds the potential to revolutionize the revenue cycle, facilitating substantial improvements in precision, speed, and cost reduction.

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