Chronic Care Management Services

Improved Patient Outcomes. Optimum Reimbursements. Minimized Expenses.

360 HealthTek’s chronic care management services empower care teams to offer their patients advanced remote care. This develops healthier habits in patients and boosts their well-being.

Remote Patient Monitoring Services - 360 HealthTek

Chronic Care Management Services You can Count On

Our chronic care management services help healthcare organizations provide their patients with 24/7 access to care management. Our experts will facilitate you to make adequate monthly phone calls to your registered chronic disease patients who need the attention and assistance the most. We work as an extension of your care coordination team so that you can enable your patients to access a clinician round the clock.

360 HealthTek’s Chronic Disease Management Services Maximizes Your Profit

Our chronic disease management services reduce the difficulties and uncertainty related to CCM and reimbursement by integrating CMS-compliant solutions into your workflow. We cater to BHI CCM, complex CCM, and traditional CCM. Our team takes care of everything throughout the journey.

Opting for our chronic care management services will empower you to make the most of our comprehensive solutions, from care plans to communication. As a result, you focus solely on providing patient care.

Chronic Care Management Services You Can Count On​ - 360 healthtek

Exemplary CCM Solutions that Fit Your Needs

Support for Best Reimbursements

More Patients Enrolled

We help decrease education time for care providers to streamline and enhance their patient enrollment for the program’s success.

RPM for Best Patient care Results

Systematic Services

Our team facilitates you to provide better care at scale with ultra-modern technology and top-notch management.

RPM for Satisfactory Patient Care

Quality Services

With personalized care, 360 HealthTek’s care coordinators allow you to help your patients achieve their desired health outcomes.

Two-way Secure Billing

Improved Profit Margins

We ensure you get an additional recurring revenue stream that significantly grows your ROI without increasing any financial risk.

Rapid Patient Care Access

Protected Against CMS Audits

At 360 HealthTek, our experts mitigate the risks of CMS audits with detailed documentation, accurate time tracking, and reporting.

24/7 Support

Improved Coordinated Care

We render effective care to all practitioners to upgrade care coordination and reduce the chances of duplicate services.

Financial Implications

Financially, value-based care coordination assists the patients and the independent practitioners in reducing expenses. When the compensation is based on the quality of care rather than the quantity, the focus shifts to maximizing each patient visit and ensuring that the patients are well-informed, leave the office with the right treatment plan, and adhere to the physician’s instructions. Otherwise, unnecessary recurring clinic visits, lab testing, and hospitalization may squander time and money.

How CCM Works


Identify Chronic Disorders

If a care provider’s EMR or AWV identifies a patient with two chronic illnesses, 360 HealthTek’s CCM program will instantly enroll the patient for chronic condition management. Our professionals can also take you through manually creating patient profiles with simple instructions.


Ensure Compliance

360 HealthTek’s software for chronic care management ensures that you remain compliant and organized so that everything, including getting informed patient permission, is billable.


Create a Care Plan

Developing a comprehensive care plan requires time. 360 HealthTek expedites the process by replacing general documentation with customizable templates that include rapid checkboxes categorized by health conditions, enabling practitioners to choose the elements for each patient swiftly.


Get Credit for Your Monthly 20-Minute Effort

A system in place is essential for the success of chronic care management, just as it is for treating chronic disease. 360 HealthTek simplifies CMS chronic care management compliance and billing for the time spent by a care provider.


Effectively Charge (and Get Paid) Customers

Chronic care management reimbursement is the most challenging aspect. 360 HealthTek’s chronic care management platform gathers calls and interaction data, links them to the relevant patients, and creates a single billing report. Finally, it reviews and submits the report to the chronic care management billing company. That is how providers like you profit from chronic care management services.

How CCM Works - 360 HealthTek

Chronic Care Management Solutions

Using 360 HealthTek’s premier chronic care management solutions, healthcare practitioners across the country are taking patient outcomes to the next level and decreasing patient care load. Our staff is accessible 24/7 to help you chat with your patients, help them establish healthier behaviors, and enhance overall well-being.

Chronic Care Management Solutions - 360 Healthtek
Chronic Care Management Services - 360 healthtek

Who We Help?

Our CCM services help care organizations manage their chronic disease patients’ needs for long-term care. We have a team of experienced professionals passionate about helping you provide your patients with the best possible quality of care. Our services are affordable, and we offer a wide range of options tailored to your patients’ requirements.

Regarding who we help particularly, our solutions cater to:

  • Primary care provider 
  • Specialist practices
  • Group practices
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospice centers

If you qualify to partner with us, you are welcome to contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We take pride in capitalizing on the success of our remote patient monitoring services by enabling care teams to provide both CCM and RPM services from the same platform. The new capacity brings significant operational efficiencies and a new benchmark in telehealth user experience for chronic disease patients looking for remote management.

The new program helps manage various chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Medicare chronic care management patients with two or more chronic diseases are among the most vulnerable. With our program, you can enhance their overall clinical results and quality of life by providing them with a care team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist them in managing chronic conditions and the medical treatment you deliver. We will help you treat your CCM patients with a complete care plan that steers them toward better health as patient involvement increases.

Whether in primary care or specialty one, our team will assist you in constantly reducing gaps in care. By invoicing CPT 99490 for chronic care management, the organizations will create new and additional income streams.

Health care practitioners can deliver CCM independently, but it is far more operationally trickier than you believe. You need advanced technology and resources to provide reliable and compliant services. Along with the resources, outsourcing will empower you with a caring staff dedicated to your program around the clock.

360 HealthTek’s chronic care management services are regarded as the industry standard:

  • CMS and Medicare-compliant patient enrollment services using innovative telephone infrastructure and analytics.
  • Patient enrollment rates average 56% of Medicare-eligible patients.
  • The only service provider in the business with a positive Net Patient Churn
  • Ten years of extensive quality audits and record storage
  • Support for cloud-based or practice EHR data access
  • Positive net-patient attrition
  • In-house, clinician-staffed contact center offering monthly care coordinating services and a nurse-led hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Patient satisfaction 
  • Dedicated client success team that brings value.

360 HealthTek is among a few chronic care management providers that offer MIPS and Quality Improvement Program services to CCM customers at no extra cost and provide a SaaS-based solution for Annual Wellness Visits.

Medicare patients with a minimum of two chronic conditions are eligible for the program.

Verbal or written approval in advance for CCM services can be sufficient. If the permission is oral, the electronic health record should record it.

Medicare recipients with multiple chronic diseases are eligible for various treatments under the CCM.

  • Health coaching
  • Community resource referral and linkage 
  • Community coordination and social support service
  • Symptom administration
  • Communication with the Medicare beneficiary in person, via phone, or online for care coordination.
  • Preventive health counseling
  • Care management and transitional care management services
  • Medication management

Regular CCM requires twenty minutes of clinical staff time per month for constant supervision, management, and care planning.

On the contrary, Complex CCM significantly increases the patient’s chances of mortality. With the extensive modification of care planning and moderate to high medical decision complexity, a minimum of sixty minutes of clinical staff time is necessary. All the regular and Complex CCM services need to be offered under the supervision of a physician or non-medical provider (nurse practitioner or physician assistant).

The care plan should cover the following aspects:

  • A detailed description of the patient’s chronic diseases 
  • Progression of illness and potential outcomes
  • Measurable treatment objectives
  • Symptom administration
  • Planned actions via continuous patient monitoring and key data gathering
  • Medication management based on the patient’s stated concerns/reactions/improvement.
  • Care coordination plan between the care provider and the patient’s caretaker, including family/nurse/community housing, etc.
  • Requirements for periodic care plan review and modification are necessary.

Yes. CMS mandates that care providers need to deliver written or electronic copies of the treatment plans to their patients.

A Medicare recipient may get either CCM or Complex CCM in any month, but not both. Each month, only one eligible healthcare organization may charge for CCM services.

The duration of chronic care management services is one month. Practitioners may report CCM at the end of the service term or after completing the minimum required service time.

For more commonly asked questions about Chronic Care Management (CCM) Services, visit our CCM FAQ Page.