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Prioritize patient care with our Remote Front Desk Support

Leverage outsourced care coordination to prevent health concerns for patients by enabling a digital system. 360HealthTek Chronic Care Management platform allows seamless interaction for both patients and practitioners.

It ensures care and treatment fit your workload – notifying you with immediate attention when its only required. Thus, maximizing your attention with the chronic condition management system. So, you save your valuable time with unnecessary patient visits and drive higher numbers to your profit.


Front Desk Medical Receptionist That Go Above and Beyond

As patient care service provider experts, we offer a wide range of services to ensure our clients have a seamless experience. We hire & manage a resource for you. Here are some of the services we offer:

Taking Calls

  • Professional and courteous call handling
  • Appointment setting for patients
  • Message-taking and forwarding to appropriate staff

Appointment Scheduling

  • Efficient scheduling of appointments
  • Appointment reminders for patients
  • Rescheduling and cancellation management

Patient Registration & Check-In

  • Streamlined patient registration process
  • Accurate and secure patient data management
  • Efficient check-in process for patients

Insurance Verification

  • Thorough verification of patient insurance information
  • Prior Authorization
  • Eligibility Check

Referral Coordination

  • Efficient and accurate referral processing
  • Effective communication with patients and referral providers
  • Knowledgeable Staff


Over the phone Patient Care

  • Compassionate and personalized patient care over the phone
  • Prompt response to patient inquiries and concerns
  • Coordination of patient care services with healthcare providers

EMR/EHR Integration

  • Integration of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems
  • Efficient data entry and management
  • Secure data transfer and storage

Staff Training

  • Our virtual front desk staff is trained for a medical practice
  • Ongoing training for staff to keep updated with the current trends in medical practice
  • Continuous improvement of service delivery

Backup Resources at No Additional Cost

  • Backup resources at no additional cost 
  • No additional cost to clients
  • Uninterrupted service delivery, even during unforeseen circumstances
Overcoming Front Desk Challenges with Our Comprehensive Services

Overcoming Remote Front Desk Challenges with Our Comprehensive Services

Managing a healthcare facility’s virtual front desk operations can be daunting, but with our comprehensive virtual patient care services, we can help you overcome the challenges you face. Here are some of the ways our services can help:

Overcoming Staffing Shortages

Our Medical front desk service makes it possible to take all calls, including reliable backup resources, at no additional cost, ensuring uninterrupted service even in unforeseen circumstances.

Managing Patient Inquiries and Concerns

Our compassionate and personalized virtual front desk receptionist services handle patient inquiries and concerns, freeing up staff to focus on providing exceptional care in-house.

Reducing Administrative Burden

Our over-the-phone services take care of administrative tasks related to patient care, freeing up valuable time for front desk staff to focus on delivering exceptional care.

Improving Overall Patient Care

Our streamlined processes and optimized scheduling improve overall patient care outcomes, resulting in increased patient satisfaction and better over-the-call experience.

Your Trusted Partner for Fully Qualified and trained Virtual Front Desk Staff

At 360HealthTek, our staff members are fully qualified and trained to handle front desk operations for medical practices. Here’s what you can expect from our staff:

  • Rigorous training to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge
  • Expertise in medical terminology
  • Proficiency in medical practice day-to-day tasks, 
  • Excellent customer service skills.
Your Trusted Partner for Fully Qualified and trained Front Desk Staff

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Don't let front desk tasks distract you from providing excellent healthcare. Let us handle it for you.

Service Plans & Pricing

Full Time                           Part Time

Advanced Plan Pricing

$ 10
/Hr Full-Time

Premium Plan Pricing

$ 12
/Hr Full-Time

Advanced Plan Pricing

$ 12
/Hr Part-Time

Premium Plan Pricing

$ 14
99 /Hr Part-Time

Our Step-by-Step Plan for Medical Front Desk Receptionist Service

Step 01


Our team will conduct a consultation with your healthcare practice to understand your specific needs and requirements. We'll work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your needs and aligns with your goals.

Step 02


Once you've approved the plan, we'll begin the onboarding process. Our team will work closely with your practice to set up the necessary systems and processes to ensure a smooth transition.

Step 03

Resource Integration

We will take on the responsibility of hiring and managing a resource on your behalf. This resource will be proficient in the required tasks and understand the do's and don'ts of your services. Their expertise will be seamlessly integrated into your healthcare practice, ensuring a harmonious collaboration that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness.

Step 04


Once training is complete, we'll implement the front desk medical receptionist Service in your practice. Our team will handle all administrative tasks, including appointment scheduling, insurance verification, Prior- Authorization, Referral coordination, and Patient registration.

Step 05

Ongoing Support

Our team will continue to provide ongoing support to your practice, including 24/7 patient support and patient satisfaction surveys. We'll work with you to continuously improve our service and ensure the highest level of patient care. We will conduct regular brainstorming sessions with practice to share & receive productive feedback.

360HealthTek's Methodology for Exceptional Patient Care at the Front Desk

At 360HealthTek, we have a comprehensive process and methodology for delivering our Medical front desk receptionist Service. Here’s an overview of how we source and hire a perfect resource, our quality assurance measures, and how we continually improve our service delivery:

Sourcing and Hiring

Our remote front desk candidates undergo a rigorous screening process, including interviews, background checks, and skills assessments, to ensure we hire only those with experience, excellent communication skills, and a commitment to high-quality patient care.

Quality Assurance

Our virtual front desk receives regular training and feedback from our quality assurance team to improve their performance. We conduct patient satisfaction surveys to ensure our service meets expectations and maintains the highest standards.

Continuous Improvement

We regularly review our processes and work closely with healthcare partners to make adjustments and identify areas for improvement in our service delivery. We strive to provide healthcare providers with exceptional patient care services that exceed expectations.

The Administrative Advantages of 360 HealthTek's Patient Care Service

Efficient Virtual Front Desk Operations

Our resources are highly trained and experienced, ensuring that front desk operations run smoothly and efficiently. By taking care of administrative tasks, healthcare providers can focus on delivering quality care to their patients.

Consistent and High-Quality Service

Partnering with 360 HealthTek ensures that patients receive consistent and high-quality service every time they call. Our rigorous hiring process and quality assurance measures ensure that our resources deliver exceptional patient care.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is a top priority for healthcare providers, and our remote patient care service helps achieve that. Our resources provide warm, friendly, and efficient service, making patients feel welcome and at ease.

Enhanced Reputation

Partnering with 360 HealthTek enhances healthcare providers' reputations by providing an exceptional front desk service that patients love. Positive patient experiences lead to improved word-of-mouth marketing and ultimately help attract new patients to the practice.


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Don't let front desk tasks distract you from providing excellent healthcare. Let us handle it for you.

Effortlessly Integrating Our Staff Into Your Existing EMR/EHR

We equip the staff members to work with a wide variety of EMR/EHR systems used in medical practices. We work closely with each practice to provide customized solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing system. Our staff undergoes training on the practice’s system to provide efficient and effective service. 

Contact us to learn how we can streamline your practice and boost efficiency with our EMR/EHR integration services.

Effortlessly Integrating Our Staff Into Your Existing EMR/EHR
Why Choose 360HealthTek for Front Desk Patient Care Service

Why Choose 360HealthTek for Front desk Medical Receptionist Service?

360HealthTek stands out from the competition when it comes to providing front-desk patient care service. Here are nine reasons why you should choose us:

Experienced Staff: Our team has extensive medical front desk outsourcing experience.

Rigorous Training: Staff undergo thorough, rigorous training.

Customized Solutions: We provide tailored solutions for unique needs.

No Managing Cost: No additional management costs, unlike in-house staff. 

Efficient Appointment Scheduling: Accurate scheduling reduces wait times.

Part-Time/Full-Time Staff: Providing both part-time/full-time staff as per your requirements. 

Exceptional Patient Care Service: Prioritize exceptional service for patient satisfaction.

Data Security: Comply with HIPAA regulations to protect patient data.

Competitive Pricing: Offer competitive pricing for the best value.

How Virtual Front Desk Services (TAAS) Can Scale Your Care

  • TAAS is flexible & scalable for varying front desk support needs of medical practices.
  • Practices can choose part-time or full-time support options.
  • Our solutions are adaptable to the changing needs of practices.
  • We provide scalability for expanding, downsizing, or changing front desk operations.
  • Practices can focus on delivering quality healthcare services while having flexibility in front desk operations
How Front Desk Service (TAAS) Can Scale Your Care

Our Commitment to Transparency: What We Won’t Do

We will not handle billing or payment information: Understanding the sensitivity of financial information, We Don’t Request Billing Info and Redirect Payment Queries Appropriately.

We will not provide medical advice: We can answer general healthcare practice questions but won’t disclose medical procedures or patient results. We respect each practice’s privacy policies.

We will not exceed our scope of practice:  We’re well-trained but not licensed medical professionals, so we won’t perform tasks that require their expertise.

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Don't let front desk tasks distract you from providing excellent healthcare. Let us handle it for you. Reach out to us now.