Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Creating a 360 value-added care in all directions with right moments to act

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Predict Care, Transform Lives, and Scale Your Bottom-Line

Provide health care at the speed of life. 360 Healthtek RPM provides practitioners with equipment and solution to reduce time for care with increased business potential. Checking your patient’s health patterns with Remote Patient Monitoring solutions to detect early symptoms is easier.

Increase Prevention and Decrease Hurdles

Remove cumbersome practices with extended hospital visits and allow remote health monitoring systems to care remotely. Guide your patients on their health with 360 HealthTek's robust and agile solution to streamline productivity, gain periodic stats on health, and increase patient onboarding. From the comfort of your office, assess conditions with data flowing to your mobile devices.

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Move Remotely for Early Care and Simplify Interactions with 360 HealthTek RPM

Move Remotely for Early Care and Simplified Interactions with 360 HealthTek RPM

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Reducing Workload for Care Providers with Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Solution designed to rescue clinicians from an increased workload by making patient and doctor interaction seamless. Providing you with more flexibility to act when it means necessary. Thus, reducing the number of interactions to only when it’s required.

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Engaged and Satisfied
Patients with RPM

Boost your quality score with a compiled report from yesterday and suggesting care for tomorrow. This means, gaining substantial improvement in your clinical efforts by creating early awareness for patients. So, you and your patients can move from today’s issues and into a healthy tomorrow with ease.

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Reduced Cost and
Increased Profits

Deploy Remote Patient Monitoring Services to engage more patients and reduce the expense of spending valuable time checking and detecting pre-imminent diseases. Spend your day onboarding new patients and reduce unnecessary visits; meaning loss of patients is kept at minimum.

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Care Remotely, Watch Closely, and Address Frequently

Remote patient health monitoring systems bring care outside the confines of a hospital and into the hands of your patients in the comfort of their homes. Heart Rate Monitor, Weight Control Monitor, and Pulse Oximeter are examples of remote physiological monitoring systems that pick data on major vitals from patients and feed your computer screen.

You are alerted, the instance disease grips your patient – making it easy to address remedies for combating chronic health issues. 360 HealthTek RPM ensures your patients are on track, giving you time to focus on things that matter most – advising remedies for relief

Modern and Agile Solution for Billing Remote Practice

360 HealthTek RPM works in synchronization with patient’s health and billing data. An automated system monitors and tracks time spent by the patient during remote check-up. Comprehensive billing report is generated within the portal, where easy access could be achieved to RPM claims.

Billing report automatically moves through the EHR (Electronic Health Records) for review and submission. Significantly lowering the chances of missing revenue or errors within the billing report – system ensures your pay is covered for each month.

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Fast and easy reimbursements

Covering You for Fast and Easy Reimbursements

Remote patient monitoring CMS updates your billing information against four CPT codes - CPT-99453, CPT-99454, CPT- 99457 and CPT-99458. The solution assists with fast reimbursement for each patient that draws a steady increase in your earning potential, ranging from $120 to $140 each month. Removing complicated procedures of billing with an agile system that ensures our practitioners are reimbursed from insurers, including medicare.

Digitally enabling our partners to outmaneuver complications with lengthy billing records, so they are focused on what’s important; patient’s health and well-being.

Where Technology and People Work in Coherence

Converging both patients and practitioners on a digital path to reduce hospital readmissions and avoid clogging of medical operations. Blending your requirements in one simple solution that captures each detail for our partners to improve services and increase potential earnings.

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Here’s What You Will Make by Moving Remotely

See Almost 100% Increase in Profit with Each Patient Onboarding

Evalute Yours Yearly Revenue Growth By RPM

Pontential RPM Revenue


No. of Patients

Revenue Calculator
CPT Code-99435

CPT 99453


CPT Code- 99454

CPT 99454


CPT Code-99457

CPT 99457


CPT Code-99458

CPT 99458


Evaluate Your Yearly Revenue Growth By RPM

Pontential RPM Revenue

No. of Patients
0 1,500
CPT 99453
CPT 99454
CPT 99457
CPT 99458
Partner With Us

Why Partner With Us?

Gain productivity with 360 care that allows you to transition from onboarding patients and billing for each month to preventive care management. Supports each patient touchpoint that fits your schedule and minimizes the headaches – all while clearing the system backlog of patients waiting for check. Here’s how we assist:

What Makes Us Different

Providing Digital Promise to Our Partners

360 HealthTek RPM enables partners with simple execution, streamlined processes, and value-added tracking of patient’s health. Thus, making it easy to manage and plan for patient care when time and quality are driving the essence of digital disruption. Ingenuity combined with our technology delivers substantial gains for:

Providing Digital Promise to Our Partners

Accelerating Capabilities of Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Take steps for patient healthcare management with a digital solution to drive your informed decision-making and gain quality results. Putting together the process of winning with remote physiological monitoring system


Analyze and Detect:

Monitor patient’s health data and prepare organizational readiness to cater unique and changing requirements. Remote patient monitoring services generate a helpful insight by populating the readings on your screen to improve care with means to enhance quality and reduce unnecessary costs.


Plan for an Efficient Workflow:

Take planning a step ahead with a robust solution that helps with customizing each interaction to ensure success with achievable goals. Re-engineer your process by keeping technology at the center of your change and provide care that touches human sentiments - keeping yourself focused on improving people’s health. Maintaining a healthy heart shouldn’t seem so hard, when you are keeping a clean workflow throughout the organization.


Maintain Care Continuum:

Before putting your plan into action, it's advised to assess implementation of remote healthcare programs to gain measurable results. Remote Patient Monitoring programs may be new to your practice, so launch the program by completing the appropriate preparation steps. Deploy correct execution steps by training and advocating your staff, developing workflow changes and taking your care practice remotely without any challenges.


Yes, it’s possible for patients to be billed concurrently for RPM code 99490 and CCM code 99457. Although, its only eligible if 40 minutes of services are executed that includes each 20 minute’s interaction on CCM and RPM for both services to be billed together. No “double counting” must be included with the execution of services

We cater smooth onboarding process that takes little work and less time to integrate patients with the remote patient monitoring process. It doesn’t require technical or software proficiency to ensure optimum usage of the services. 360 HealthTek RPM devices support your practice right-away upon receiving. Even patients are not required to configure device with Wi-Fi, installing application, or setting-up the system. Your convenience is at the center of delivering RPM services

Yes, it’s important to gain consent from patients before-hand before initiating remote patient care to check health patterns. Providers are also required to document their medical records for increased visibility on patient’s health. However, verbal consent is required according to Medicare, private payers may require it in written form.

Remote patient monitoring comes as bedside or wearable devices. Both devices are integrated with RPM solution to provide care services. Therefore, only obvious difference between the two types is mainly their shape.

Practitioner has to decide the eligibility of their patients for remote patient monitoring services. Various chronic illnesses are covered with RPM services, so clinicians are better equipped to suggest remote medical care for patient’s based on their health conditions. Checking for surprises from growing illnesses are thoroughly screened with the RPM devices.

The device transmits real-time data to practitioners for tracking the patient’s activity. It enables practices to conduct daily review of health data and send immediate notifications to highlight any concerns by following the guidelines.

Patients are not charged any fee to acquire these devices to collect their health readings with remote patient monitoring services.

Several practices require implementation of RPM services that includes cardiology, endocrinology, primary care, and pulmonology. 

Yes, patients gain a 20% copay with Medicare coverage. In addition, the copay may only be covered if the patient has already gained Medicaid. Private payers could waive the copay requirement entirely or might not require it to cover RPM services.

No, remote medical monitoring isn’t specified to a certain area or a rural location. Medicare reimburses patients for RPM services similar to the in-person checks with physicians that doesn’t require a place of location or rural areas.