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360 HealthTek provides healthcare professionals with effective telehealth solutions to help their
patients wherever they are, whenever they need them.

RPM for Hospital + Health Systems

360 HealthTek’s remote patient monitoring services enable healthcare and private payers to offer their patients extensive care remotely. Our program empowers hospitals to stay connected with patients and provide them with quality care even when they are out of the hospital or unable to visit it in person. Patients can view their vital signs in real-time on a PC, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere with an internet connection. 

  • Improving nursing workflow
  • Upscaling patient satisfaction
  • Minimizing readmission
RPM for Healthcare & Hospitals.
RPM Solution for Home Health Agencies

RPM for Home Health Agencies

We offer home health providers the latest and most advanced RPM system and telehealth solutions to help them take care of their highly vulnerable patients in their homes. As a result, they achieve better patient outcomes and avert hospital readmissions. In addition, they get to reduce their workload and dramatically improve their efficiency. Our RPM technology can become a seamless part of your existing workflow. It provides you with the capability to integrate all aspects of care into one platform and allows you to manage your patients from one location. With our telehealth solutions, your organization can emerge as a highly responsive and proactive home health agency managing patient care. 

  • Offer personalized education directly to your patients and keep track of education engagement. 
  • Make virtual visits between home visits to confirm whether patients are implementing their care plan. 
  • Monitor patients, and if the risk arises, make early interventions.

RPM for Hospice + Palliative Care

Our RPM for palliative and hospice care providers ensures extraordinary care for their high-risk patients. Our system helps doctors and nurses conveniently communicate with their patients and provides them with better care coordination. 

We have been playing an active role in the wireless health care industry, including creating wireless medical devices and promoting the use of wireless technology to improve patient care. 

  • Take advantage of virtual visits to diagnose symptoms and provide guidelines for patient care plans. 
  • Analyze patients’ health issues with the help of symptom surveys. 
  • Assist caregivers in bringing comfort to their patients.
RPM For Hospice & Palliative Care
RPM for Physicians & Group Practices

RPM for Physicians + Group Practices

We empower group practices and physicians to offer remote real-time monitoring and telehealth solutions to ensure high-performing practices. 360 HealthTek’s solutions allow organizations to track patient care and identify issues early on to improve patient outcomes. Our RPM solutions are used by leading healthcare providers and organizations across the country. Our company was founded on the belief that technology can improve quality of life and lower health care costs while providing physicians with a powerful platform to offer excellent patient care. 

  • Extend physicians’ staff and clinical resources.
  • Follow up on patients between visits.
  • Involve patients in their disease management with education catering to their individual needs.

RPM for Payers + Payviders

Numerous providers are incorporating remote solutions into their facilities to ensure members’ satisfaction, enhance population health activities, and decrease healthcare costs.

360 HealthTek’s RPM solutions extend the entire care continuum, allowing providers and payers to provide coordinated and comprehensive care for all member populations. In addition, our program helps organizations manage their healthcare costs more efficiently and keep an eye on their patients’ health conditions from anywhere in the world. Payers and providers can easily integrate with our solutions providing a single point of access for member data across all your member populations.

  • Uplift population health
  • Lower ED utilization and readmissions
  • Ensure member satisfaction
  • Decrease overall healthcare cost
  • Boost patient adherence

360 HealthTek is a nationally recognized provider of comprehensive health risk assessment and management services.

RPM For Payers & Providers

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